Monday, February 21, 2011

Messy weekend!

Over the weekend it felt like all we did was clean. My job was to occupy my little sis, Brylan. The first thing we did was make home- made pizzas out of biscuits. She love anything hands-on. After that, she wanted to ride in her wagon and eat a pop sickle. Then we went into my room and started to color. In crayon box were some paint brushes which made her feel the need to pain. So I put in the most outside/play clothes I could find and then she went at it. If you look closely, on her shirt it says future deer hunter. After long she was covered in paint from head to toe. She defiantly is crazy, wild, and a ball of energy but I still love her.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

African sugar cookies

My dad and I baked some sugar cookies to sell. Hopefully my family and will be able to raise enough money to go to Ethiopia. In about 11 months my dad and step-mom will be traveling half-way around the world. They're visiting a country in Africa called Ethiopia. There, they will be picking up my new baby sister, named Olive. Unfortunately, I don't get to see what she looks like until they bring her home. Unless we raise enough money for me to go with them.



When we first started to ice the cookies the cookies didn't look so well. But when we were down to the last 5 they, looked half-way decent. When I concentrate, my tongue seems to peek out of my mouth and then when I'm done my tongue feels like paper; it's so dry. I had a blast baking the cookies and I can't wait to see if this idea will provide me with the opportunity of a life time! :)

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Monday, January 24, 2011

My lil'sis is growing up. :(

This weekend my sister, Brylan, started to wear big girl panties and sleeping in a big girl bed. The day she started to wear panties it would run down her leg and she didnt like that. So, after about 4 leaks she finally got the hang of.
For the past few months she's been climbing out of her crib. We've been afraid that someday she'll climb out and brake something. So, when we thought she was big enough we got her a big girl bed. She had no trouble. She felt really proud and grown up. I was happy for her!

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ethiopian food

Tonight my family and I went to an etheopian restaurant. The food was definatly different. But my favorite was this chicken taquito thing. They where really good. It was my brother and I's first time to go there and it was a different experience, but I had fun and met a lot of new people.

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Penny's first bath

She was shivering for about 10 minutes after she got out of the bath.

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My yorkie named penny

Last Saturday I got a puppy named Penny. She's 14 weeks old and loves to sleep. We named her Penny because she is the color of copper. I love her so much she's like a little fur ball.

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Friday, December 31, 2010

Blake attempting golf

Last Thursday my dad, my brother and I went to the coffee creek golf course. On first hole it took about 6 tries for me to hit the ball 1 foot. So I was the photographer instead, while the boys golfed. It was something different, bit I had fun! :)

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